Hakama 2.0 Trousers


8,200 RUB

Cult Hakam in new version 2.0

Hakama (Japanese 袴) - traditional Japanese long wide pants in a crease, similar to a skirt or gloves. Historically, they were worn by men. We changed them to a modern way, completely changed the cut, leaving only the concept and silhouette. Our Hakama is a crazy and multi-layered graphite pants/skirt with a removable belt. These transformers made of cotton - a godsend for true gourmet clothes, lovers of comfort and lightness, for connoisseurs of Japanese complexity of cutting. Pants will be suitable as a girl with any physique, and a guy height 160-180 cm. Below the product has ribbons that are fixed on the ankles or under the knees, adjusting the length.

Quality  Контроль качества. Мы заботимся о том, чтобы ваша покупка была идеальной

Quality  Удобная доставка. Вы можете быть уверены в нашем сервисе.

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Pants do not fit tightly to the body, sewn from (breathing) fabric. Therefore, the most violent heat you will not feel, but in cold weather they will save from the wind because of the high density of fabric.

You can talk about this thing for a long time. But, in the case of them - it is better to see, measure and love once than read about them)

Size: onesize 40-46

Ingredients: 100% cotton