Pyromaniac perfume

Nomad Goba

9,000 RUB

The author's improvisational fragrance. The bottles and components are hand-painted specifically for the collection.

Top notes - tui, black and white pepper
Heart - Vethiver (Indonesia), sandal amiris, black tea, gueya tree, salt, myrrh
Base - cedar Atlassian, choy nakha, amber, snooker, incense, castoreum, iodine

Quality  Контроль качества. Мы заботимся о том, чтобы ваша покупка была идеальной

Quality  Удобная доставка. Вы можете быть уверены в нашем сервисе.

Quality  Быстрый возврат. Передумали? Нет проблем. Мы организуем удобный возврат.

The beginning is a volley of garev, an ecstatic stage. Cold smoke. Sharp, piercing, symbolizes directly the act of arson.

Then the recess - through the mineral and sandalwood overtone composition is lined up around the vetivora. Stones, coals, resin with a cold and bitter tone accompanied by a storm.

After a while - the development in animalistic motif, amber and resin, attentive immersion in a living warm tree, the dredt of animals in the midday sun. A satiated sleeping creature, safe to wake up.

Long sound of amber minerals soot.

Important nuances:
- The specifics of the genre assume limited editions, so the product is unique and in the future will not be played exactly.
- Since the presented perfumes are highly content of natural components - they have a dyeing property - not to use on light fabrics.
- Use with caution on open areas of the skin in sunny weather - some natural components can enhance photosensibity.
- The perfumer works in the field of experimentation and improvisation - an important component of the artistic approach and use of natural components is the relative mobility of the composition during aging. This means that the fragrance can change the sound a little, soften some accents and enhance others.



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