Enima black winter coat


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Winter coat from the MY SHADOW collection

Almost weightless, but very warm coat with excellent design.

Free, slightly fitted cut and smooth transition to an elongated back create the feeling of a perfect whole-piece product.

Deep hood, high collar-rack, insulated pockets on the fleece.

Filling: double high-tech Belgian filler ISOSOFT 280 g/m2 (The outer side is equipped with a thermalally fastened layer of 200 g/m2, internal - 80 g/m2.

The membrane-breathing fabric 3000/3000 does not allow moisture and protects against strong winds.

YKK Lightning, Calculated to -20 degrees depending on the person's personal heat resistance

Quality  Контроль качества. Мы заботимся о том, чтобы ваша покупка была идеальной

Quality  Удобная доставка. Вы можете быть уверены в нашем сервисе.

Quality  Быстрый возврат. Передумали? Нет проблем. Мы организуем удобный возврат.

Below are the parameters of the product. When choosing a size, focus on your usual size

Size Length Shoulders Bust Waist Hips Sleeve Winch
XS 122 40 104 112 132 78 17
S 122 42 110 116 136 78 17
M 122 44 112 118 140 78 17
L 122 45 116 120 144 78 17
XL 122 46 119 122 148 78 17

Insulation ISOSOFT (Isosoft) - the leader among European insulators, which has an international quality certificate ISO 9001 (Belgium).

ISOSOFT (Isosoft) is a unique material with a thermally sealed surface, which has a high thermal insulation capacity with an almost imperceptible weight.

Soft as down, ISOSOFT (Isosoft) is twice as warm as conventional synthetic insulation, easily restores the shape after compression and does not lose it after numerous washings.

The heat-insulating structure of Isosoft consists of many fine fibers, thanks to which the products have excellent heat-shielding properties, despite the apparent external thinness.

Recommendations for the care of products with insulation ISOSOFT (Isosoft):

Do not soak

Machine washable at a temperature of 30 - 40 degrees

Do not use chlorine-containing agents

Advantages of ISOSOFT insulation when compared with down:

- does not cause allergies;

- does not require mandatory dry cleaning;

- easy to wash;

- dries quickly;

- gives a feeling of comfort at + 5 ° C and at - 20 ° C.

Advantages of ISOSOFT insulation when compared with sintepon:

- much thinner (replaces 4 layers of synthepone);

- much lighter;

- easily restores the shape after storage in a rolled form and preserves it during long-term operation;

- does not lose its properties after numerous washings;

- has the effect of a thermos (retains body heat).

Technical characteristics of isosoft insulation

100 g/m2 - from 0 to -10 degrees

150 g/m2 - from -7 to -15 degrees

200 g/m2 - from -10 to -25 degrees

250 g/m2 - from -10 to -30 degrees

300 g/m2 - from -15 to -35 degrees

Please note that the above specifications are indicated, but consider the following factors:

1. The region in which you reside. Let's say -10 degrees in the central region and in Siberia feel differently, also -10 in Moscow and St. Petersburg are felt differently due to different humidity and wind strength;

2. Seasonality. When the first cold weather comes in the autumn, the body does not immediately adapt to them.

3. Individual tolerance or intolerance to cold.



Model options pictured
Breast girth 85cm, Talia 65cm, Hips 94cm, Height 165cm