• 80.4


    The creator of the brand Anastasia Tutaeva is a talented designer, combining classics and minimalism and unexpected silhouettes.
    80.4 - handmade, piece copies, premium fabrics, inner world.



    ALI SAULIDI is a niche shoe brand with conceptual design and its own production, producing limited collections of handmade. The brand was founded in 2010 by designer Ali Saulidi, and since then has produced collections every fashion season

  • Angulo.Moscow


    At the heart of the brand is the idea of transformation. With the help of clothing, you can not only change and emphasize external data, but also give a certain character to the movements, as well as set a specific behavior. Wearing ANGULO, you feel free and feel like the architect of your own reality. is a story about unconditional femininity, artificially placed in the framework of a post-apocalyptic future.



    It's more than jewelry. It is difficult for them to find words, it is better to just feel them. Designer Lena ARTAmonova's work does not fit within the framework of a certain style. Bright futuristic ethnic - touch the decoration and get into the portal through the mystery of the times. Square rings are a creative design for extraordinary personalities. Wedding rings made of molten chips. Sacred patterns of mandala woven into the work. Cosmic plots that carry the consciousness into their depth. Created in the author's creative meditations, so they exist only in one copy - this process is unique. At the moment of creation of the decoration there is magic - a connection with the future owner is formed.

  • Caboclo Bad

    Caboclo Bad

    Minimalism is feminine and seductive - in such matters the brand CABOCLO BAD is well versed. Clothes and jewelry made of natural fabrics and leather are delicate not only in performance, but also in the transmission of your inner feelings.

    The Russian concept brand CABOCLO BAD is not exchanged for mass production, but is looking for a special approach to its buyer. Details that you want to consider, and elegant geometry in the design give non-triviality to the everyday image.


  • City Vagabond

    City Vagabond

    A young and ambitious Russian brand CITY VAGABOND creates unique backpacks made of unusual plastic. Their succinct and at the same time bold design not only looks spectacular, but also differs functionality.

    One of the obvious advantages of a backpack CITY VAGABOND is a waterproof and anti-vandal body. No less practical and internal equipment: eco-suede does not get dirty and does not get wet, and for each type of content is provided its place. Attractive from the outside - as comfortable as possible inside: this should be a modern urban accessory.

    Russia, Moscow

  • Day15


    DAY15 is a Russian brand of handmade designer shoes. The company's mission is to create emotions with avant-garde design and impeccable manufacturing quality.

  • Deactor


    DEACTOR is a Russian brand of underground clothing, footwear and accessories. The main task - the development of taste preferences and sense of style in as many people as possible, the development of creative activity in the post-industrial world, DEACTOR - it is all that is connected with the inner world, the knowledge of my self, internal conflict, the crisis of the ego, the rebirth of the personality, the point of assembly, the search for meaning of life, the satori, catharsis - these are the foundations from which the brand is created.

  • DESU


    Indonesian brand DESU was created in 2011, and since then confidently conquers the world of avantgarde fashion. Items and accessories of this brand are produced in a limited edition and sold far beyond Asia: in America, Europe and Russia.

    The concept of the brand DESU is based on minimalism in combination with fusion and ethno elements. The presence of dramatic elements of rock and roll compensates for the lightness of the silhouette. Dresses, sweaters, overalls, jeans - in addition to unusual cut, each thing uses unique techniques of painting fabrics and leather. They give the clothes a special texture that creates a unique image.

    Bali, Indonesia



    Deconstructivism and "explosive" texture - the brand of conceptual clothing DETONATE creates an attractive everyday avant-garde.

    Things DTN8 - it's comfort in any way, it's confidence in every movement, it's things for those who lead an active lifestyle and think outside the box. Natural fabrics - flax and cotton - in combination with technological polyamide give convenience in any situation.

    DTN8 is an opportunity to feel unique in any area of modern city life.


  • DiCh


    Clothing for urban jungles in the aesthetics of minimalism. Made in St. Petersburg without the use of natural leather and fur.

  • HUSS


    The HUSS brand is a minimalist black silver jewelry with sloppy textures. The surfaces of each product are formed and processed by hand, allowing to fill simple forms with audacity and special aesthetics. The atmosphere of the brand - odd numbers, crosses, rough anchor chains, casts of insects. Dark mood is diluted by cut natural stones and inserts of vintage brass. Manufactured in Kazan



    At the heart of the brand IT'S PERSONAL is an interest in the person's personality, search
    interactions between the inner world and the outside through visual analogies
    emotions and sensations that clothing gives to a person.
    The main features of the brand's style are monochrome color scheme, mainly
    black, texture experiments, free shapes and multi-layered images.
    The brand was founded by Katerina Ponomareva in 2019 in St. Petersburg.
  • Julia Fom

    Julia Fom

    The brand "Julia Fom" was created by Julia FOM in 2014 in Russia. Initially, the brand represented several lines of clothing and accessories and was called "SENSORIUM by Julia Fom". In 2018, it was decided to move to the main line called "Julia Fom".



    A brand that appeared as a result of a search formula for a unique style. KATAMI WEAR are clothes for brave people who appreciate the beauty of shapes, geometry and are not afraid to experiment.

    Clothes are not burdened with unnecessary details, but it invariably draws the attention of others. This means that its owner is always in the spotlight. These things will become an element of the attraction of your wardrobe and give everyday comfort.

    Russia, Moscow

  • Ko and Co Jewelry

    Ko and Co Jewelry

    The stainless steel accessories are handmade in unisex style. The artisanal style of these ornaments conquers at first sight: there is no doubt that pendants, earrings and rings KO AND CO JEWELRY carry the magic of the earth.

    Each product is absolutely unique and has a unique texture, as it is made by hand forging. The conceptual design of accessories is organically complemented by accessories - chains of rough weaving and leather laces for pendants.

    These decorations will become faithful companions for every day, but will make you feel special even in the most ordinary time.

  • Liza Sidorina

    Liza Sidorina

    It was made in St. Petersburg. With attention to detail and respect for manual labor.

  • LYNX Concept

    LYNX Concept

    This project is a story about the subtle perception of matter through the prism of art.

    As your guide to the world of conceptual fashion for many years, gaining experience and inspiration, we couldn't help but take the chance to learn the process of creating clothes from start to finish.
    There is a lot of work behind us, accumulated knowledge, and now we can describe this stage in the development of Lynxstore as absolute creativity, intellectual and independent!

  • Marc Alien

    Marc Alien

    Breaking the boundaries between men's and women's clothes MARC ALIEN brings originality to everyday style. This is a new level of comfort: simple, comfortable, but not banal in design things will create that conceptual basis of the wardrobe, which will help to build the whole image, not like others.

    Black colors, simplicity and unobtrusiveness: unisex things do not attract too much attention, and monochrome range brings the silhouette to the fore. Backpacks of irregular shape, leather jackets and coats-transformers - the Ukrainian brand makes utilitarian things beautiful and authentic.


  • Maria Berestovaya

    Maria Berestovaya

    Maria Berestovaya is a garment for modern women who feel the rhythm of the metropolis, active, easily transformed from classics to dark style. These are comfortable, concise, but at the same time not quite simple things of asymmetrical cut, unusual textures.

    Seasonal collections are divided into two small categories: the base and the things of the stricter cut. Each concept is presented in four colors - red, black, white and shades of gray. Only 100% of natural materials are used in the creation of collections.



    MARUT is a creative studio based in Moscow. The brand develops and manufactures things for everyday life that go beyond seasonal and temporal cycles, gaining special importance for the owner. The collections are dominated by basic shades, but bright colors are not alien to them - life-affirming accents organically complement the concept of avant-garde brand.

    The main thing in the concept MARUT - visual aesthetics, the beauty of the lines. "We are constantly looking for a balance between color and form, material and texture, comfort and aesthetics" - so the founders of the brand define their mission. In this search are born conceptual things that occupy a special place in your wardrobe.


  • MDNT:45


    MDNT:45 is a brand of conceptual street clothing with elements of minimalism and deconstructivism. The style of clothing is inspired by cult sci-fi films and adventure computer games. When creating clothes, hidden elements are brought to the fore - external seams, change of classic lines and shapes, large hoods and pockets, cut, emphasizing urban militancy. We choose soft materials that provide comfort in any urban situation.



    Want to create a new identity, independent and free? The Bulgarian brand METAMORPHOZA creates things that will allow you to experiment with your image while remaining in harmony with yourself.

    Complex draping and intricate cut - things from the collection of METAMORPHOZA can not be called concise. The conceptuality of the form will not leave a chance to pass unnoticed, whether it is a dress or jacket, bag or coat. Definitely, you need the courage to wear such clothes, but the trick is that it does not require an abundance of accessories. Complexity with maximum comfort - this design concept acts as the main principles of the avant-garde.




    Clothing lab.

    For connoisseurs of symbiosis of ideal shape and functionality of parts.

    Russia, Moscow

  • NGOC


    NGOC isa brand from St. Petersburg.
    We strive to create a solid stylistic concept that combines Asian and European trends in fashion.

    We position our things as a new classic - a style different from the mass of the market with its sophistication and originality.
    A style different from conceptual clothing for its practicality and simplicity.

    All things are sewn at the factory in St. Petersburg, mainly from natural fabrics.

  • Noel Concept

    Noel Concept

    The brand Noel Concept strives to emphasize the beauty and harmony of the human body by working with the shape and emphasis on the geometry of the silhouette. To enhance the expressiveness and diversity of the lineup, designers use pure colors, guided by the rule: "complex form - simple color, simple form - complex color."

    Collections Noel Concept are released on seasons, covering the entire possible range - from warm outerwear to summer tops and dresses. Like monochrome shades, the richly pure colors fit seamlessly into the unisex style that the brand broadcasts.

  • Nomad Goba

    Nomad Goba

    Nomad Goba is an intuitive design project, a menswear brand from St. Petersburg, created in 2016. It is not just a clothing brand, but also an art object located at the junction of several art forms.



    Pirosmani - like St. Petersburg - is out of time, fashion and other bourgeois laws of the universe. The creations of a real artist, things PIROSMANI admire, like works of art, but invented, tailored and sewn not for museum pantries, but for living, talented people who appreciate comfort as much as original design.



    SAMARIS is a clothing brand from the cultural capital, imbued with maritime rigor and architectural perfectionism. Inspired by elsa Sciaparelli's neoclassical, designer Alexei Samarin creates an ultimatum image of a pr't-q-porter who is not content with mass-market, wants to possess unique things.

  • Sintezia


    To intensify the appearance through the inner world - this is the task of the brand. SINTEZIA is an experimental atelier and Russian clothing and footwear brand created by designer Renata Kutukova.

    SINTEZIA aims to make clothes everyday, while maintaining a special eclecticism and avant-garde style. The magic of textures, the shamanism of colors, the brilliance of metal, the grinding of glass - the inland empire of the brand.

  • Spectrum.Moscow


    Spectrum - from Latin. representation, image, vision. A set of bright bands obtained by decompoding a beam of white light into its component parts. The multitude is in unity. Figure 7. Similarity by analogy with the sound scale. Determination of energy, frequency, intensity.

    The range of your possibilities.



    VORONOI is a brand of selective fragrances created by a team of perfumers from Moscow.

    In the DNA of perfumes VORONOI - unique and rare notes, purity and mesmerizing natural sound of compositions. Ud, leather, floral, amber - all groups of fragrances are collected in the collection of the brand, including "perfume without perfume", that is, the smell of clean skin. Each of the products is created in order to become an absolute perfume drug. And laconic bottles in the style of dark - a separate pleasure for connoisseurs and minimalists.




    WILDHORN is a brand of leather jewelry and accessories, originating in Siberia and developed in the central part of Russia. For years, the designer's style has improved and acquired distinct forms, turning into a unique and recognizable brand.




    ✖️by Dmitry Ignatov & Egor Ashcheulov ✖️based in Moscow

  • YTN №7

    YTN №7

    ytn №7 is a brand of leather goods, which are made by hand by the designer from St. Petersburg, Natalia Vturina. Minimalistic design and natural materials are the basis of the corporate style.

    The basic principle of the brand is the creation of products exclusively by hand, when the design arises from the uniqueness of the materials used and their texture. Each thing is unique and has its own distinctive features.



    Collaboration of the brand KATAMI WEAR with the cult artist Zorikto Dorjiev

  • Анклав


    АНКЛАВ is an alternative view of jewelry, able to raise new questions and try to find answers to them.

    Jewelry for people who do not choose boilerplate solutions, and are looking for new ways of self-expression. For the progressive part of society, which has distanced himself from the ordinary and familiar forms.