Our project was formed in 2012 with the aim of combining bold ideas of form and style of avant-garde designers from all over the world! We actively invite the creators of clothing, footwear and accessories to cooperate! The main element of the concept are the most expressive features of such styles as: avant-garde, ethno, grunge, partly straight and casual. Lynx Store - independent clothing. Independent from fashion trends, from the opinion of society, world standards and your neighbors. The quality is our main priority! That's why we carefully select suppliers for cooperation. We have things from different countries, such as the USA, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Australia, and we are also keen to actively support designers from Russia.

The LynxStore Is a conceptual fashion space. Have you been looking for a clothing store on the Internet for a long time, where your bold ideas about your own wardrobe will be embodied? We are happy to invite you to the Concept Store (Concept Store) LynxStore - a space of conceptual and independent fashion. Stylish outerwear for any season, non-trivial basic clothing, trendy shoes and original accessories - online store LynxStore does not tolerate boring mass-market and is ready to immerse you in the space of intellectual fashion. Among the brands represented in our catalog, there are European, Asian, American and Russian brands - they are united by a progressive approach to the creation of everyday things. We collect bold ideas of form and style from creative designers from all over the world! Many of these collections are exclusively available and are almost impossible to find on their own.

Online clothing store LynxStore - your guide in choosing a unique wardrobe.

Waiting for you in the concept store (Concept Store) LynxStore at:

Moscow, 21rd Street (M. Paveletska)