WILDHORN is a brand of leather jewelry and accessories, originating in Siberia and developed in the central part of Russia. For years, the designer's style has improved and acquired distinct forms, turning into a unique and recognizable brand.

Founder and designer of the brand Lina began her career as a designer and designer of clothing. She had her own atelier and clothing brand, but the real pleasure she got was creating accessories for her collections. After several years of successful work, she decided to create jewelry and continued to reveal her design potential in St. Petersburg, where in 2013 the brand WILDHORN. Since 2019 the brand is based in Moscow.

WILDHORN is a reflection of the inner war and the designer's peace. Becoming the owner of these jewelry, you get much more than just a thing. You begin to share the vision of the beauty of the designer and become part of the philosophy of the brand.

Floral motifs and complex lines reflect the ephemerality of nature - a theme that as a red thread runs through all collections. Rough and cold metal parts, boiled skin, processed by a special ancient technique, which makes it rigid and durable.

It is a harmonious union of weakness and strength, in which the designer sees a certain beauty. These are the unchanging features of our world that complement each other and cannot exist separately.

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