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Niche perfumes - to create an organic image

Fragrances have a strong influence on the perception of others. Fragrance is a natural continuation of the image: as well as clothing, the right perfume reveals your personality, character. If you want your fragrance to be personalas handwriting, you need to choose niche perfumes - it's always unique and persistent compositions.

Niche perfumes are an actual trend in perfumery, which is actively developing in Russia. Why suddenly selective perfumes became so in demand? The fact is that selective fragrances are very different from what the mass-market offers. They contain a bold mix of ingredients that folds into a memorable image.

Selective fragrances in the online store LynxStore

The LynxStore concept store features selective Russian-made fragrancesthat are not found in regular stores.

  • Oriental, woody
  • Amber
  • Fruit
  • Leather
  • Ship

All these groups of fragrances - individually and in different combinations - are presented in the line of niche toilet water VORONOI. This independent brand has proven to be very close to LynxStore in spirit, and we are happy to share it with you.

How to buy fragrance for yourself

There is no such scheme that would help to buy a fragrance for yourself "by picture". However, knowing your preferences for ingredients, you will be able to understand which toilet water is best for you.

Those who like weightless amber smells, will suit the "aroma of purity" Void: the main note - amber, which is obtained from the gastric secret of the whale. More "heavyweight" will be Truly Pachouli, because the main component of this bottle - resin-tart patchouli and earthy, sweet-bodied brancher. And if you want to wear a warm home atmosphere all day, it is worth buying the aroma Tea Shop - fruit and leather notes literally envelop cosiness and peace.

All perfume compositions presented in our store are absolutely natural,and are made by traditional methods. Most of them are unisex fragrances. Those who have not yet decided on their tastes, we invite you to the showroom LynxStore, where all the smells can be listened to, and finally buy "their" fragrance and enjoy it.