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Jewelry is the key to individual style

In the creation of an individual style should not neglect details, and especially such significant as jewelry. It is safe to say that jewelry sometimes attracts more attention than elements of clothing, and often carry a large sense load. An excellent "background" for the original accessories is the basic monochrome wardrobe, which we love so much. For example, pendants in the form of stones look perfect on black turtlenecks and white shirts.

In addition, modern designers come up with such jewelry, which are a bright and original concept - such accessories are difficult not to notice and not to appreciate. They "make" the whole image, no matter what you are dressed.

LynxStore online jewelry store

Symbiosis of interesting idea, bold form, quality materials - not any online jewelry store makes such a unique selection of productsas LynxStore. The laconicity and restraint of these accessories is combined with the quirkiness of the design concept: pendants in the form of shards of stone, texture of "dark" water and frozen volcanic rock. The noble gloom of silver and steel jewelry is something that fully falls into our understanding of dark fashion style.

Jewelry made of natural materials for every day

We interact with designers who work primarily with natural materials - leather, metal, wood. Jewelry made of natural materials are leather bracelets, steel alloy rings, necklaces and stainless steel earrings. Metal and leather jewelry is perfect for every day.

Jewelry of precious metal in the era of reasonable consumption is more relevant than ever. Conceptual brands pursue not only the idea of savings, but also the ethics of production. As you know, the extraction of precious stones is extremely not eco-friendly, and in contrast to jewelry, such jewelry is an attribute of conscious and careful attitude to the world around.