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Lynx Store - fashionable women's clothing with an independent character

With today's abundance in stores to buy women's clothing is not difficult, but quite another thing - to choose things with meaningto emphasize your individual style. How to discover something exclusive, wandering in the vast expanse of monotonous things? In the lynx Store concept store (Linkstore) you will find something special: here is a collection of fashionable women's clothing with an independent character.

Of course, clothing is not only an appearance, but also a way of self-expression. Fashion clothes creates a certain impression, but about who you are, will tell only a thoughtful image. Presented in the catalog of Links Stor conceptual brands offer a special philosophy of street fashion, built on the freedom of choice of forms and meanings. If you think that clothing should reflect your special inner world, you have come to the right place.


Influenced by street culture and dynamic lifestyle, women's fashion has changed, borrowing details of the men's wardrobe. Modern girls willingly choose simple silhouettes, roughly processed fabrics, voluminous styles and brutal accessories. Women's fashion has changed so much that oversize and unisex have not been presented as something revolutionary for a long time.

However, independent fashion is not only a mixture of gender styles, it is an unexpected combination of various details of clothing. That's why asymmetry and layering are so common in models. Minimalism here coexists with extreme manifestations of creativity, and this is the main feature of street fashion. Soaking up the dynamics of urban culture, avant-garde designers create unique things that harmonize with the lifestyle of modern women. There is a mutual exchange of trends, which provokes a constant evolution of conceptual fashion.


The concept store is to introduce you to unique clothing, where you feel comfortable and independent. The clothes for women presented here demonstrate an advanced vision of the Dark Street style froma variety of creative designers from all overtheworld.