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Women's demi-season coat - what should it be?

The theme of outerwear is inexhaustible, and designers all over the world embody a variety of ideas in this regard. But now we're going to talk about the coat. Women's demi-season coat is a necessary thingwhen it comes to wardrobe, "functioning" in the Russian climate. In order to survive the cold in urban environments, we choose practical clothing, however, about their own style should not be forgotten.

In the LynxStore catalog you will see a variety of variants of women's coat - from elegant asymmetric models to trendy puffy down jackets with funny prints, shortened and below the knee, straight and flared silhouette.

Buy a woman's coat in the online store Lynxstore

Going to buy a woman's coat in an online store, you are aiming for something special? You've chosen the right place. LynxStore is a conceptual street fashion store:the clothes we offer you are a symbiosis of minimalist style and bold forms. Creative design solutions and the quality of their execution are our key guides in the selection of the range. We constantly follow new ideas, streetwear trends and choose the best of what designers from Europe, Asia and Russiaoffer.

Most models are made in black and white, and this is quite consistent with the general trend: neutral and muted colors are always the most preferred when it comes to autumn clothing. But if you buy a women's coat for the fall at LynxStore, rest assured - you won't merge with the crowd. Due to non-standard cut and interesting details your coat will attract the attention of others. And most importantly, putting on a unique design thing, you will feel exceptional.

Want to buy a women's coat for autumn at an affordable price?

Natural wool, cashmere and high-tech materials by definition can not be cheap, because they protect from the cold and presentable look for many years. Here you can buy a women's coat autumn-winter from natural materials and high-tech fabrics, on synthepon and down. And any of them will not cost you more than 20,000 rubles. We cooperate with those brands that conduct reasonable pricing policies without losing quality. You don't have to choose between pleasure and purse.

Online store LynxStore - it's not just fashionable clothes, it's a new perception of your everyday wardrobe!