ALI SAULIDI is a niche shoe brand with conceptual design and its own production, producing limited collections of handmade. The brand was founded in 2010 by designer Ali Saulidi, and since then has produced collections every fashion season

The key design idea of the brand is the search for new forms. It is embodied by an organic combination of topical styles - minimalism, sports and avant-garde, and spreads further among fans of the brand, helping them to find a new manifestation of themselves. Recognition to the brand came with the first model of leather CVn Sneakers on the iconic trapezoidal sole. This model has become an absolute bestseller and goes from year to year, without losing relevance.

All collections of the brand are connected with space, and have characteristic names - CVn, Gemini, Tourist Spaceer, Nebula, which always hides an interesting concept.

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