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Hightops - fashionable sports shoes

Women's hightops (sneakers, sneakers) have long gone beyond the sports style - blurred boundaries allowed in fashion allow you to combine them with different clothes. Premium brands actively produce sneakers from expensive leather and technological sneakers - modern urban fashion puts comfort first. In addition, you can walk in hightops until the deep autumn.

Women's hightops are firmly in the casual-dressing room and are already organically perceived in combination with dresses and skirts, long coats and other elements of everyday style. In general, the division into men's and women's hightops conditionally - these shoes can be attributed to the style of unisex.

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Perhaps, if you move away from popular sports stores and luxury brands, to find high-quality and stylish sneakers in the middle segment is not so easy. If you want something special, look for conceptual brands: sneakers - favorite shoes for all sorts of design interpretations and games with shapes.

Today, the production of high-quality hightops boasts several Russian concept brands - they are presented on this page. In the online store LynxStore to buy sneakers with high shin on laces or zippers. You can get them very quickly: new hightops you will deliver within 2 days in Moscow (during the week in Russia).

What are hightops and where they came from

For many, the question of what hitopes are is still a mystery. Popular in Russia hightops (from high top - high top) became a few years ago -this term, denoting high sneakers or sneakers,firmly entered the lexicon of people following fashion trends.

Knowing what hightops are,it is worth understanding what to wear them: usually in a pair of high sneakers are skinny jeans or chinos, but in general will suit any not classic trousers, narrowed to the bottom.