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Women's shirts as the basis of the wardrobe

The shirt is a universal and irreplaceable element of the basic women's wardrobe, borrowed from the men's "casket". However, if we talk about everyday shirts, women's styles are much more diverse: they can be pushed and straight, length to the hip and up to the knee, like tunics, can have different shapes of collars and cutouts, additional decor and a huge range of colors.

Maybe the range you see here isn't exactly the "women's shirts" you were looking for for an office suit, but each of these things is unique. And with a less formal dress code, you will feel more than comfortable in such clothes.

Buy a women's shirt at the Lynxstore

Do you want to buy a women's shirt of a simple cut, but are afraid to have too official look? In your closet already have a few shirts of different colors, but want something unusual? In Lynxstore, you'll definitely find what you need. All that is presented in our catalog are the fruits of bold design ideas that form a special, independent style. These things are exclusive also because they are not found in regular stores.

Among other conceptual models of clothing, presented in the online store Lynxstore, asymmetric women's shirts - undisputed bestsellers. Today, women's collections of both luxury and mass brands offer more and more variations of shirts of non-standard cut. And the asymmetry actively introduced by Asian designers has become
one of the main trends in recent times.

Is a shirt in a cage a woman's weakness for men's things or a fashion trend?

In our catalog there are options for those who prefer to dress succinctly, and for those who like to experiment. The loose shirt in the cage is a classic reference to the grunge style, identified with street fashion. Definitely, the right checkered shirt can turn even a simple casual look into a very stylish image. A trendy caged shirt is a necessary addition to jeans and ides if you prefer a sporty urban style. Combine it as a cardigan with a white T-shirt, or wear with a leather jacket. Pay attention to the material from which the product is made - do not take clothes from non-natural fabrics for every day.

Clothing with a special meaning, clothes for a dynamic lifestyle, clothes for those who appreciate comfort and freedom - with LynxStore you will find your unique style.