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Women's sweatshirts: online store of conceptual fashion

Active lifestyle and desire for comfort - trends of modern life, and in clothes it is expressed in the first place. Women's sweatshirts, hoodies and cardigans have taken a strong place in the everyday wardrobe. Such a thing as a women's sweatshirt - a completely familiar and relevant acquisition in any season. What is this clothes, and where to buy a women's sweatshirtthat will stay with you for a long time?

What is a sweatshirt

The sweatshirt - from the English "sweater" and "shirt" (shirt) - is a sweater made of tight knitwear or cotton, tailored like a hoodie. Often on the chest or back there are prints, and under the neck there is a V-shaped insert, borrowed from the original model of this clothing.

Cardigans and hoodies: buy from online store LynxStore

Responding to the needs of their audience, concept brands strive to combine style, simplicity and technology in clothing for every day. Clothes presented in LynxStore, and features a bold design. After scrolling through the pages of our concept-stor, you will see how unusual cardigans and hoodies can be: you can buy such models only in LynxStore!

In addition, you can buy hoodie in the online store: thanks to the loose cut and sleeves of the type of raglan, excludes the possibility that this thing will not have a figure.

Sweatshirt with print in everyday wardrobe

The advantage of sports things - in their convenience, but hoodie or sweatshirt with a print can be worn for other reasons. In addition to training, it will be appropriate on the walk, at the party and at work, if the dress code allows. It should be understood that women's sweatshirts can be perfectly combined with jeans and leggings, and with a black pencil skirt or with a pleated skirt, which is constantly demonstrated by bowbooks of conceptual brands.