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If you can call the obligatory items of everyday women's wardrobe, women's T-shirts will be among them. Focus on an active and healthy lifestyle takes its toll in the age of millennials, and T-shirts become a significant fashion element.

Today, women's T-shirts are not only clothes for sports and uniforms for every day: many models are quite appropriate to wear both in the office and at the evening event. In this case, design matters. Practical and functional clothing,borrowed from the sports arsenal, has acquired new forms in everyday women's application.


Lynx Store (Lynx Store) - online store of conceptual clothing,and therefore all models in the range - examples of the original design solution. And T-shirts are no exception.

Do you want to buy a women's t-shirt asymmetrical cut, with a print or with an inscription, from the fabric of a complex texture? Young brands bribe with their bold, non-standard approach to simple things. Our concept store gives you a unique choice so you can buy a stylish women's t-shirt that suits your mood and independent style.

To begin with, we offer to understand what models of T-shirts are often found in designer collections.


Today, there are several current styles of T-shirts that simultaneously create comfort and are responsible for the style. Among the most widely represented in the concept store Lynx Store can be named:

- designer T-shirts - asymmetrical, with artistic prints, "rigged" and intricately designed;

- Longslives - stylish women's T-shirts with long sleeves (from cotton, knitwear, polyester), wool longsliff is also called sweatshirt;

- T-shirts and tops,which have long ceased to be considered underwear, and have become stylish and comfortable clothes;

- Tunics - the most feminine variation of the T-shirt: free cut, soft lines, functionality;

- short-sleeved monochrome T-shirts. By the way, such often fit into the category of unisex.

White T-shirt - an ode to simple elegance, the basis of the basic wardrobe. A simple letter t-shirt is hard to beat in functionality. Realizing this, we in the linstor offer concept t-shirts of white color every season. In addition to the usual ensemble white T-shirt-blue jeans, there is a combination with a jacket or cardigan, as well as a T-shirt on top of the longslive - for a more sporty look.