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Outerwear at The LynxStore Store

In addition to utilitarian clothing, outerwear is an important and expensive part куртки, of the wardrobe. In the online store Lynx Store (Linkstore) conceptual designers offer bold ideas of form and style.

Today, the most in-demand styles are oversize, characteristic of street fashion and avant-garde. Such voluminous outerwear gives comfort in any weather, and also allows you not to worry about what is put under it. In winter, we dream not to get out from under the blanket for a longer time - in a spacious voluminous down jacket we feel that way!

In addition, outerwear oversize always looks stylish, regardless of the time of year and the situation.

Conceptual outerwear is not about trends

In the Lynx Store you will not find strict classics or sloppy sports style, there is no conservatism and no immediate trends. Stylish outerwear in the understanding of conceptual designers - it's an unusual form, minimalism, or vice versa, bold details. The generation of millennials prefers artyal brands for a reason: attention to detail, design uniqueness and limited circulation - that's what attracts the modern buyer.

In favor of Russian and European concept brands speaks and a healthy balance of price-quality. Needless to say, stylish and high-quality outerwear in many of them is quite reasonable money, unlike premium brands. At the same time, not every online store of conceptual outerwear can boast such picky selective brands as Links Stor.

Demi-seasonal outerwear in the concept story

There are many types of demi-seasonal outerwear:

  • Coat
  • Jackets
  • The down jackets
  • Raincoat
  • Parks
  • Fufaiki

The list goes on, and all these models are on the lynxstore.ru in the most creative interpretations. Demi-season outerwear must be practical, however, the models presented in the concept store, combine wearability and unusual design. Eco-skin cloaks, long vests with prints and even a sweatshirt-sleeping bag: the ideas of modern designers know no bounds. So outerwear becomes an attribute of independent style,rather than a boring feature in your wardrobe.